ASM Patches and Releases

ASM is the moniker for the Swarm versions representing the ideas in the published work about the Santa Fe stock market. (Some of those articles are cited on the front page of

ASM-2.0 was the first release of the Swarm model and it is the beginning place for all revisions discussed below.

If you begin with the original ASM-2.0 code, you can apply patches to update or you can just grab the tarball. I do this in order to keep a clear trail of changes. Elsewhere in the ArtStkMkt page, you should find announcements, one for each patch, describing its impacts.

Tarball Patch File
ASM-20000507.tar.gz ASMpatch1-2000507.txt
ASM-20000602.tar.gz ASMpatch2-20000602.txt
ASM-20011125.tar.gz ASMpatch3-20011125.txt
ASM-2.2.tar.gz ASMpatch-2.2.txt
ASM-2.2.1.tar.gz ASMpatch4-20021002.txt
ASM-2.4.tar.gz ASMpatch5-2.4.txt
ASM-2.4.1.tar.gz ASMpatch6-2.4.1.txt

The original Objective-C SFSM model

If you want to work on the original objective-c version of the stock market that was written for Next systems, you have 2 options:
  1. ASM-objc This package: was released in a package along with ASM-2.0, the Swarm version of the ASM. Like the ASM-2.0, the ASM-objc represents a collaborative effort of folk at the Santa Fe Institute who were trying to translate the code used in the original research project into a workable form. Unfortunately, a number of substantively significant changes were introduced in the update process.

    On my system, that code does not compile. To fix it up, I have made some changes, and Ken Grosier has independently done the same. He sent me a patch with a modest title like "stock.patch" or something, and I have have named it "KenGosierSFSM.patch" and I called my patch "PJsfsm.patch". I think we have done about the same things, you can take your pick, or apply one, and then see if any of the other applies. Ken has a separate batch of working code that expands on the ASM-swarm model, and if you are interested, you might contact him directly. The two patches are in in the subdirectory sfsm. I'm not taking any responsibility to make sure this code works, it doesn't use Swarm and some bits are quite, uhm, different. But somebody, I don't know exactly who, thought it was a reasonable representation of the Santa Fe stock market.

  2. The "Real" sfsm package.
  3. In March, 2003, Thomas Badegruber visited Blake LeBaron in Boston and they found a computer which had code for the sfsm models reported in the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control article. That code required some minor touch ups in order to compile with gcc-3 or later, but Blake, Thomas, and I have made the changes necessary to get a clean compile. Furthermore, we have confirmed that this model produces dynamics that are the same as published. (These dynamics are the same ones that we have now certified in the Swarm model ASM-2.4). Since this package eminates from Blake's computer, I believe with high confidence that it is the real thing.

    That "real" sfsm code has been added to the CVS archive with the module name "sfsm" and the snapshot that I have prepared from my original check-in to that archive is available here: sfsm-1.0.tar.gz

    A Java Swarm implementation of the ASM

    I also have copies of the JavaSwarm version of the ASM built by José Manuel Galán (University of Valladolid, Spain) and Luis R. Izquierdo (Macaulay Institute, Aberdeen, Scotland) You can find that in the subdirectory: