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Class Description

The ASMModelParams class is a "holding class" for the parameters that are associated with the ASMModelSwarm class and it also controls the GUI probes that users can use to change variables at runtime. These values are set here in order to keep the code clean and neat! Several parts of the simulation need to have access to the information held by ASMModelParams, not just ASMModelParams, but also any classes that want information on system parameters.

A big reason for keeping these values in a separate class is that they can be used by both batch and graphical runs of the model.

There are values saved for these parameters in the asm.scm file, and the Parameters class, which orchestrates all this parameter magic, does the work of creating one of these ASMModelParams objects.

Instance Variables

int numBFagents;
float initholding;
double initialcash;
double minholding;
double mincash;
double intrate;
double baseline;
double mindividend;
double maxdividend;
double amplitude;
int period;
int exponentialMAs;
double maxprice;
double minprice;
double taup;
int sptype;
int maxiterations;
double minexcess;
double eta;
double etamax;
double etamin;
double rea;
double reb;
int randomSeed;
double tauv;
double lambda;
double maxbid;
double initvar;
double maxdev;
int setOutputForData;

numBFagentsnumber of BFagents
initholdingNo description.
initialcashNo description.
minholdingNo description.
mincashNo description.
intrateNo description.
baselineNo description.
mindividendNo description.
maxdividendNo description.
amplitudeNo description.
periodNo description.
exponentialMAsNo description.
maxpriceNo description.
minpriceNo description.
taupNo description.
sptypeNo description.
maxiterationsNo description.
minexcessNo description.
etaNo description.
etamaxNo description.
etaminNo description.
reaNo description.
rebNo description.
randomSeedNo description.
tauvNo description.
lambdaNo description.
maxbidNo description.
initvarNo description.
maxdevNo description.
setOutputForDataNo description.

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